Largest Stingray Ever Caught by Rod and Reel October 1, 2015

The world record for the largest freshwater fish caught by rod and line was recently broken with the catch of this stunning stingray. The gigantic flat fish that has a lethal barb measured over 8ft in width, 14ft in length and weighed almost 800lbs (57 stones). It was caught by American TV nature conservationist

It took two hours to reel in the monster catch, with several men on board a small fishing boat having to take turns on the rod. After getting the ray alongside, it was then taken into a specially-prepared pen where it took seven people to lift the ray out of the water so it could be properly measured.

It is impossible to actually weigh such fish using scales due to their sheer size so a tried and tested formula of measuring its width, length and girth to calculate it weight.