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Hook & Tackle, then Catch & Release - Sailfish May 13, 2019

Sailfish Catch & Release is all about the SPORT of the game! Take a photo, tag and release!

People often ask if one is allowed to keep a sailfish:

Even if you don't want to keep a sail, you should buy a permit each year, in case you land a yellowfin tuna, swordfish or other federally regulated species. Size limit for sailfish is 63 inches, measured from lower jaw to the fork of the tail.

Florida daily bag limit for all billfish is one per person

Top places where to catch Sailfish beside Thailand is the FLORIDA KEYS!

The mortality rate of catch & release fish:

Bait caught fish typically suffer a much higher hooking mortality than fish caught on flies and lures. At least one out of three fish caught with bait will die after release. Over 60 percent of deep hooked fish die.

Hook & Tackle Expands the University of Miami Shark Research Collection April 4, 2019

New items added in Hook & Tackle's University of Miami Shark Research Collection. 

The hottest item to take off even before its arrival is the new UM Shark Research Lifeguard hat. Now Available! A portion of the proceeds goes back to marine environment studies at the University of Miami Shark Research program

The new Lifeguard hat features a cool graphic under the brim and crown . it also features a unique stretch headband that wicks moisture and keeps away bad odors. 


Hook & Tackle Crushes at the Southern California Fred Hall Show March 12, 2019

Hook & Tackle attended one of the nations largest consumer fishing shows, The Fred Hall show in Long Beach, CA. For 5 full days thousands came in to see and purchase the newest gear for 2019.

"The reaction was amazing and we just about sold out to the piece says Stan Rudman" from Hook & Tackle corporate.

The premium lifeguard #fishinghats were one of the first to go.

The Hi-Tide fishing shorts stopped everyone in aisle causing a huge crowd!

The new Seamount hoodie #fishing shirt offered UPF 50+ sun protection, quick-dry, anti-odor and incredibly light and soft.


Hook & Tackle Launches The Most Phenomenal Shirt in the World - The Phenom February 26, 2019

Hook & Tackle is pleased to introduced one of the most phenomenal hi-performance fishing shirts ever made. In a matter of weeks, get ready to meet the all new PHENOM,

Featuring Cool Touch fabric technology with 360 degree super-stretch. The fabric wicks moisture while keeping you cool. It features sonic-welded hems and laser perforated underarms for maximum ventilation and comfort.

One of the softest fabric you will EVER feel. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection, quick-dry and is odor resistant.

Get Ready!!

Hook & Tackle Signs TV Deal With Unfathomed January 22, 2019

Hook & Tackle is pleased to announce the partnership with the new television series, UNFATHOMED with Captain George Gozdz.

Currently filming, the show will offer a whole new perspective to fishing and travel. Hook & Tackle is the official fishing shirt offering full sun protection, quick dry, odor resistance & superior quality.