Top Locations for Mahi Mahi Fishing May 5, 2020

Mahi Mahi, the Hawaiian Dolphin fish are often found in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii and the coast of South America. 

Some top locations include:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s rich coastline provides some of the finest fishing spots in the world, .


It is said that the Islands of the Bahamas is home to the great Mahi Mahi. Fishing records are established in the Bahamas consistently.

Stuart, Florida

During the winter months, Mahi Mahi migrate south of the east coast of Florida from Carolinas and provide excellent traffic to catch some fish. The average fish during the winter is about 10 pounds, while the average thickness is about 20 pounds. 


Mexico has been named the maritime capital of the world and one of the top mahi mahi fishing destinations . The peak months are between May and December.