Hook & Tackle Sponsors the NASCAR Hot Rods & Reels September 20, 2018


For over 22 years Hook & Tackle has been the official apparel sponsor for the Homestead and Daytona events. Bringing together all of the NASCAR race car drivers and team owners to spend a morning on the race track infield lake fishing for bass.

Money raised goes to The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is considered the premier investigative research program targeting and investigating spinal cord and brain injuries.

The event started by driver Darrell Gwyn who himself was injured in a race accident and has been wheel chair bound since, but with his strength for others and his community, this event has brought many smiles to those in need.

Drivers and participants all look forward to their #hookandtackle #fishingshirts each year! These have become collectors pieces

"We are all about giving back and being personally involved and are committed to working with our community to help others" says Stan Rudman, an owner of the apparel brand.