Enjoy the Holiday & Stay Protected from the Sun's Harmful Rays December 14, 2015

Happy Holidays from Hook & Tackle!

Santa encourages all to  stay protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Hook & Tackle introduces the Solar System collection consisting of breakthrough sun protective clothing that provides effective sun protection, permanently! It never loses its ability to block the sun, helping to prevent advanced aging and skin cancer. The Hook & Tackle Tech Tees are ultra-soft, quick-dry and odor-resistant, finally making sun protection cool, relaxed and comfortable.

Hook & Tackle designers know that any garment which doesn't provide more sun protection, , enhanced comfort, or innovation simply doesn't belong in the Hook & Tackle collection. They know because when they're not making Hook & Tackle's Solar System products, they're wearing them. 

Check out the full sun protection collection today at http://hookandtackle.com/collections/sun-protection