Hook & Tackle Donates over $200,000 of clothing to Puerto Rico Relief October 19, 2017


Sportailor, Inc. which owns such brands as Hook & Tackle Outfitter and Weekender Sportswear, has donated an assortment of branded shirts, shorts, and pants totaling over 6,500 units with a value over $200,000 to victims affected by recent hurricanes over Puerto Rico.

“The company is on the heels of recovery from Hurricane Irma, and things were just starting to get back to normal,” says Stan Rudman, CMO and an owner of the company. “Then, Hurricane Maria came with extreme force over Puerto Rico, we were watching and praying as we saw the devastation occur live on television.”

The company’s history with Puerto Rico dates back to the 1960’s as they were one of the largest distributors of fine men’s apparel on the island. “We are a 54-year-old family business that treats all of our customers and friends as family,” adds Rudman. “That is just the way it is." Rudman, who is also a co-chairman of the Miami Dolphins Foundation Fins Weekend, continues: “The Rudman family, including, my two brothers Abe and Jeff and our parents Mimi and Frank, are so fortunate to be able to help and give back to our community and our country. We know the needs are huge on the island and it feels great to do our part, but they still need so much more.”