Florida Keys Rebuilds After Hurricane Irma September 24, 2017


Florida took a huge hit with Hurricane Irma. Florida is resiliant and though Irma was a force to be dealt with, the state and cities will be back greater than ever.

Hook & Tackle is based in Miami, FL just 60 miles north of Irma's path. Though there was no power for almost 14 days after the storm, everyone in the community came out to help and  give aide to neighbors.

To have so many people come out and help with the relief was inspiring including Senator Marco Rubio and Tim Tebow. 

 Key West's world-famous Southernmost marker which indicates the southernmost point in the US gets dinged but survives in tact.

Hook & Tackle is proud to be from Florida and we honor this hat with the Florida Flag for all Floridians and lovers of Florida.