Welcome to the World of Kayak Fishing June 20, 2016


In recent years sport fishing from kayaks has become popular in both fresh and salt water, especially in warmer regions due to the ease of entry. Many kayak anglers have started customizing their kayaks for fishing for such as, Tarpon, Tuna and Sailfish.

Manufacturers offer models for fishing that are designed and accessorized for this sport, including specially designed hatches, built-in coolers & rod holders, gps receivers and equipment mounts. Other accessories include live wells, anchor trolleys and running lights.  

Most importantly, you need to cover up and stay protected from the suns harmful rays while kayaking. Hook & Tackle has developed the UPF 50+ Head Honcho sun protection fishing gaiter which will protect your face and neck. Pair the Head Honcho with a Hook & Tackle UPF 50+ Sun Protection fishing t-shirt and the new Aqua Tech quick-dry fishing hat and you are good to go! (see below)

Recently kayak fishing has started to move inland to freshwater lakes and rivers, where anglers target gamefish like bass, trout and salmon.

Some of the biggest benefits of kayak fishing are in the ease of use and transportation, the affordability of the equipment compared to motorized boats, they're an eco-friendly watercraft, and they provide fun and exercise.