Addictive Fishing in Panama City Beach August 10, 2016

There are lots of Red Snapper being caught today in Panama City Beach. Just ask the guys from Reel Addiction Fishing Charter. Anglers travel to the Emerald Coast hoping to make that catch in the Gulf of Mexico.

The typical Red Snapper grows to 25 pounds, though the largest ever caught in the state of Florida is 46 pounds.

Red Snapper are typically found in deep waters, and like to hangout in schools near reefs, shipwrecks, and oil rigs. Your best chance at catching some tasty Snapper is to head out to deep waters.

In 2016, new laws were put into effect that will offer a much longer and more fruitful Snapper Season to for-hire vessels, while tightening up on private vessels

While in Panama City Beach, please visit the new Hook & Tackle Flagship store located at Pier Park and contact our friends at Reel Addiction Fishing Charters at 850.768.2327