Hook & Tackle Summer Fishing Destination: Montauk, Long Island, NY June 2, 2015


Known as the beginning or end of Long Island, Montauk is a beautiful and
relaxing place. Known for it's beaches, fishing, camping & the expansive views from the

There are so many new places to discover each day. Wonderful hotels and restaurants
surround this town with some of the most incredible views in the world.

Mostly known as a fishing destination, some of the most popular catches include
striped bass, which has become a ritual among locals in the community. Other popular
catches include sea bass, porgy, blues, and cod.

Please make sure to visit the store Kai Kai and Star Island Yacht Club & Marina. They offer fishing
charter trips that will allow you to experience something you will never forget. Also
check out the Hook & Tackle collection in the ships store!

What a way to escape the concrete jungle and enjoy the much needed tranquility
lifestyle of Montauk.

We are always looking for cool places to travel and fish. Let us know your
favorite place.