The Guide to Finding High Quality Fishing Sportswear - 5 Secrets January 3, 2015


For Hook & Tackle Outfitters, quality means everything. In fact, we call ourselves Quality Freaks. It's a cultural obsessive compulsive disorder around here. So we thought we would share our disorder along with 5 secrets to picking out the best of the best fishing clothes without breaking the bank. 

The Guide to Finding High Quality Fishing Sportswear - 5 Secrets

1. Fabric selection. This is the single most valuable component in any garment  and can represent 70% of the total garment's cost. It starts with the touch. If it feels like crap, it is. High density woven fabrics have a long life and a great hand feel. You may pay a little more but since it lasts so long, your cost of ownership is lower than the alternatives. Pay attention to ultra-light, yet durable nylons and polyesters used to make the finest fishing shirts and pants.

2. Extra trims included.  The only thing worse than losing buttons is not having any spares to replace them. Look for garments with extra trims (buttons, snaps). Quality garments will always have spares for each size button found on the garment.  

3. Straight & reinforced seams. Look at the seams. Are they dotted, crooked or coming apart? Not a good sign. Extra stitching, however, like top stitching, is a good sign. Usually pieces that have a lot of top-stitching are high quality pieces made with extra care. Having a sturdy double and even triple-needle stitching and reinforced seams goes a long way if you do not have a personal tailor on staff.

4. Bar Tacs -  Strategically placed bar tacks reduce seam blowouts and strengthen high wear and tear areas for longer use. Every stress point should have them and quality makers will not miss a spot.

5. Functionality - Garments that are sun protective, odor-resistant, breathable, bug-resistant, ventilated, moisture-wicking and quick-dry have a much higher quality level than those without these advanced features. These features will enhance your comfort and user experience. 

Just because you’re paying a lot for a garment doe not mean it’s well made and comfortable. Try it on, test it out, and if you have the opportunity, look for reviews on individual garments before you buy them.