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February Fishing January 25, 2023


Fishing in February can be challenging depending on the location and weather conditions. In some areas, the weather may be too cold for fishing, while in others, the fish may not be as active due to the colder water temperatures. However, in some locations, February can be a great time to catch fish, particularly if there is mild weather and good water conditions.

It's always good to check the local fishing regulations, weather forecast and the best time to catch fish in the area you want to fish. Some species like, bass, pike, panfish, and catfish are known to be active during the winter months.

2023 Promises to be a Great Year for Fishing December 23, 2022

2023 promises to be a great year for fishing, with some of the best fishing locations in the world located in a variety of different climates.

For freshwater anglers, the United States offers some of the best spots, with the Great Lakes region and the Appalachian Mountains home to some of the most sought-after species, like trout and bass.

The southern United States is also a great destination for saltwater anglers, with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea home to a variety of species like redfish, snapper and tarpon.

Australia is also a great destination, with the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea home to a variety of species, including barramundi, snapper and tuna.

Finally, the Pacific Northwest offers a host of amazing spots, with salmon and steelhead the main catch. So, if you're looking to make the most of your fishing trip in 2023, consider one of these top locations!

Hook & Tackle Supports Boy's and Girls Club November 11, 2022


Hook & Tackle attended an event benefitting the Boy's & Girls Club of Broward County at the very exclusive Fisher island off Miami Beach. Setting up shop in the marketplace with a percentage of sales donated to the Boys & Girls Club.

It was a great afternoon with may local members and residences showed up to shop till they drop. The weekend long event took pace during their Yacht Regatta. There were auctions including a 1968 Rolls Royce convertible and a bunch of Hook & Tackle outfitters gear!


Hook & Tackle Donates $35K of Merchandise to Hurricane Ian Victims October 20, 2022

Hook & Tackle teamed up with the Miami Dolphins Foundation to deliver over $35,000 of clothing for the victims of Hurricane Ian.

Players went down to a high school in Naples, FL to offer assistance to the locals.

It has been several weeks since the devastating hurricane and people are still in desperate need. 

Many of Hook & Tackle's authorized dealers have been affected and the company will do all it can to help the community.

Law Enforcement Seize Giant Tuna in Rhode island September 27, 2022


Per Sportfishing Magazine Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management (DEM) reports that Environmental Police Officers from its Division of Law Enforcement commandeered a giant bluefin tuna caught and killed by a Massachusetts charter boat. The officers seized the tuna the week from the charter boat in Rhode Island waters east of Point Judith.

DEM officers determined the captain had paying clients aboard his boat but didn’t have a required state commercial fishing license nor a Rhode Island Charter/Party fishing permit to fish in Rhode Island state waters.

The boat was escorted to port by the DEM, where the fish was confiscated and sold to a licensed seafood dealer. The captain was issued a criminal summons for the violations. Money from the sold fish is held in escrow by the state.

The tuna could have been worth as much as $10,000, as this is prime time for bluefin tuna, which is a highly valued food held in high esteem for sushi, particularly in Japan. The 113-inch seized tuna could have weighed well over 800 pounds, with an estimated age of 15 years, according to some statistical charts of bluefins.

DEM stated that giant bluefins on the coast are an indicator of a healthy ecosystem and offer great opportunities for properly licensed commercial fishermen. Rhode Island Environmental Police Officers are committed to protecting this vital resource for the benefit of properly licensed fishermen who pursue the fish, said DEM.

In recent weeks giant bluefin tuna have been in good supply not far off the Rhode Island and Massachusetts coasts. Baitfish that big tuna relish have been abundant, and where goes the food goes the gamefish. Tuna target mackerel, herring, menhaden, squid, bluefish, butterfish, false albacore and others.

One report stated that about 30 giant bluefins were caught on Sept. 11 off Scarborough Beach, Narragansett, Rhode Island. A 600-pound, 100-inch bluefin was caught less than five miles off the Sakonnet River, and others just a few miles off Newport.


Reportedly the near-shore fishing was so good and anglers were so successful, that the commercial and recreational allocation limits for giant bluefins were all filled for September, less than half-way through the month.